Highlights of Climate Action Month 2023

Highlights of Climate Action Month 2023

During October, all companies within the Hexatronic Group joined forces for Climate Action Month. Our primary goal was to raise awareness about the importance of this topic and lay out action plans to reduce carbon emissions. We have set ambitious targets for ourselves in our Sustainability Roadmap 2030 and are determined to achieve them together. This article provides a glimpse of initiatives within the Group.

Recycle is key

At the design engineering department of Hexatronic in UK, they utilize recycled polymers from post-industrial sources in approximately 80% of injection moulded parts manufactured in the UK which equates to around 468 tonnes of material. Despite this, they are still working hard to limit the use of virgin polymers wherever possible and are regularly evaluating alternative materials. 

In the pictures, we can see a recent sample being tested by Product Designers Andrew and Tom. These parts were manufactured using a polypropylene compounded with wood fibers, as well as a customer termination closure moulded from high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) manufactured from old refrigerator insulation.

Another great initiative we have here is Anders Lindroth, from Hexatronic in Sweden, who is investigating the quality of three post-consumer recycled polyethylenes. Two of them have already passed the initial testing and qualified as potential candidates for the coming series of sustainable ducts.

Reusable steel drums

Here we can see Tove Sjödin and Elisabeth Bäcklund from Hexatronic in Sweden, who are conducting tests to determine their suitability for replacing single-use and heavy wooden return drums in Scandinavia and the UK. If the tests meet expectations, this change will significantly reduce our climate impact! Reusable steel drums for microducts are currently in use by our companies in Korea, North America, and New Zealand.

It's been a pleasure to see all the different ways that people across the companies in Hexatronic Group are working at to achieve our sustainability goals aiming to create a better world and future. Our Climate Action Month is now over, but the work has only just begun!

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