New product additions - Installation, Accessories and Tooling

New product additions - Installation, Accessories and Tooling

Hexatronic continues to increase our value as a supplier to our customers. We have always focused on the value of an all-solution offer. However, it's crucial to recognize that these solutions often require various additional components for seamless installation.

By announcing these products this marks the initial phase of many new additions to come in the near future, aimed at complementing our solutions and ensuring the best possible tooling is available for installation.

Explore our new line of products:

  • Duct Rods, Continuous Rods, Draw Rope, Universal Cable Dispenser and more for external underground.
  • Our new accessories for aerial installation including pole labelling, dropwire brackets and more.
  • Cable Entry Covers for wall entry and sealing.
  • Complementary products for hand tools for cable installation.
  • Our new site tooling category including a Silicone Gun Dispenser and a Pointing Trowel.


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